I made a decision recently. I realised during a conversation with frolleague Zac Gribble that I wasn’t going to get any better while Twitter was a major presence in my life. I’ve been on Twitter since 2008 and it’s been the central plank of my online engagement since then. This isn’t to do with getting […]


Getting back into blog reading

One early upshot of my temporary Twitter hiatus was to realise¬†how much I was missing picking up on other people’s blog posts. Twitter had become my single notification channel for new posts from people I know as well as discovering new ones. Having said that I’ve been aware that I have been reading blogs less […]


Twitter Analytics arrives, but just because you can measure something…

Twitter has just rolled out a new Analytics tool to the majority of its users so you can now see a little bit more about what happens in the life of one of your tweets. Just how valuable will this new data set be for most of us?


Digital Storytellers on Twitter

I follow a few people on Twitter who say and do very useful things about digital storytelling. Some do it as their job, some do it as part of their wider practice, some teach it, some think about it. So I created a list on Twitter. Please feel fre…