Storytelling for projects

Looking like the storytelling thing might be taking off.

Institutions can bid for project funding from JISC under the heading of various programmes. JISC is keen to make sure that these project teams communicate their progress and project outcomes to the wider community. I guess it’s about accountability on one hand but more importnatly it’s about disseminating information and “synthesizing” the findings into something that can be picked up and used by other instritutions – it ensures that JISC is actually supporting the widest possible community.

A recent call for bids in a programme of elearning stipulated that all successful bidders MUST use digital audio and video to provide a narrative of their project’s journey. The programme manager is Lawrie Phipps – it’s Lawrie who might end up being the project client for Netskills on this.

Netskills is looking at how we can help support this dissemination. One area is using digital media (alongside social media) to create and share stories about progress. I’ve had an interest in digital storytelling since working in schools and it seems to have a good fit here.

It’s an innovative approach, not seen much in the way of this sort of thing. Here’s a pretty sophisticated example from Leeds Uni –

I can see a role in providing online and live training events, briefing papers and online training materials. I’d like to get closely involved in supporting some projects directly, otherwise it would just be a case of running some training and then letting them get on with it – not much change management there!

Need to think what my research question is actually going to be and what I’m actually going to measure and evaluate.

There’s some possibility of presenting the findings in something other than just written format. 

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