Some early ideas

2 very sketchy ideas I’ve been playing around with in my head. 

1. Digital Storytelling for Research Projects

Theres a growing amount of interest about using digital storytelling to support the sharing and synthesis of JISC funded projects. I’ve attached a briefing document I’ve done for a potential project sponsor/client. DS for Projects – Summary.pdf

There are interesting possibilities here for thinking about using innovative technology to support an academic community, playing the role of technology steward, collaborative learning in and across teams.

Likely activities would include running online seminars and live workshops but I think I’d also need to get involved in supporting one or more project teams directly to gather sufficient data.

2. Observing informal learning

I’m keen to learn about data visualisation techniques with a view to putting together some learning materials/events/project support activities etc. I’ll pretty much have to learn about it from scratch, finding out about:


  • Finding sources of data
  • Current best pratice (Hans Rosling, David McCandless etc)
  • Basic graphic design techniques
  • Available tools
  • etc etc etc


I know that there are a number of people in and out of the Netskills team that are also inetersted in this subject so wanted to try out an open “Enquiring Minds” style collaborative approach based around a community wiki and linking to individuals’ blogs, tweets etc.#

It would be a good opportunity to try out a ethnographic research methods to describe how the community would work.

Would be good to look at issues like affinity spaces, communities of practice and distributed cognition.

This is potentially more interesting than the first but more riskiy – what if noone else gets involved? 

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