Research questions

Without any form of quality control, this is a brain dump of all conceivable questions I might address except the ones I’ll think of tomorrow:

Question of Questions

  • Does the telling of a projects stories have any measurable or perceivable impact on the progress and synthesis of outcomes of a given project?
  • What support needs to be in place to enable this, if this is the case?

Questions about stories

  • What is the role of storytelling for JISC funded projects?
  • Do projects make good subjects for stories?
  • What types of stories should a project tell that support other forms of reporting?
  • Is it possible/helpful to identify types of technology that enable the effective telling of stories?
  • Can stories provide a complete alternative to traditional forms of reporting?
  • Who has most to gain from projects telling stories? The teams, the funding body, other organisations
  • What is the relative importance of the narrative over the channel through which it is delivered?

Questions about organisationsal learning

  • Who are the stakeholders here? (Not a research question really but something I need to identify early on)
  • To what extent does the fact the stories exist affect how new knowledge is generated and transferred to other organisations?
  • Does the act of storytelling affect the type of organisational learning that goes on in the team? Single, double, triple loop?
  • Is there a perceived difference to the stakeholders between the use of storytelling to capture team experiences/milestones etc over alternative approaches such as blogging?
  • Does the recording of stories have any effect on the actual outcomes of the project or is it a completely separate endeavour? Feedback loops?
  • Is there an identifiable difference between the impact of 

Questions about roles

  • Who is best placed within a team to tell the stories? Project leader, assigned role, whoever has the aptitude, all team members?
  • What support is needed to help the project teams tell their stories?
  • What sort of role is required to provide that support?

More will come shortly I feel.


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