One thought on “Voice and Longevity”

  1. A brief reply … (it’s getting late!)1) Your two audioboos to date appear to contractict a little… In audio1 you describe your desire to build subittable content for your dissertation into your blog, whilst in audio2 you reflect on the changes in voice this causes. Tbh it’s probably necessary and acceptable. My immediate reaction is to encourage you to "tell the story" and describe the purpose different sections of content in your blog. If it’s a "my first go at formalising my thinking" then the indicate so and rightly use the more academic register. However, if a post is more of a "thinking out loud" or personal reflection, then clearly the more "bloggy", conversational approach in appropriate.2) Re. digital longevity, I had a thought when listening to your boo, but sorry it’s gone… Something re. web archives (e.g. WayBackMachine) but also that the narrative (rather than the linked content) is the true value of your blog.3) Again, back to register and voice… talk you Andy Stewart. Talking to him last week, he was descibing a similar dilemma – getting some feedback from an assignment for his studies suggesting that the tone&voice was too conversational. I can only summise that our roles re. wider engagement and dissemination in JISC Service-land has influence our practice and thinking! 😉

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