Things taking a new turn

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Had an interesting discussion with a colleague at a partner JISC service, Andy Stewart, and Alex Henry of Tyne & Wear Archives and Museums (TWAM) on Tuesday.

Andy is interested in storytelling for the same reasons as I am so there is now the possibility of partnering with someone on this project.

We both were contacted by Alex after we attended the Culture Shock storytelling conference in Newcastle back in September – here’s my write up/social media amalgamation thingy.

The outcome of the meeting (which was over coffee and croissant at the lovely Blakes cafe in Newcastle) was that we want to investigate the possibility of using TWAM to deliver a programmeof training in digital storytelling to a number of JISC programme managers. Andy and I would also partake. The aims would be:

  • To demonstrate to programme managers the skills and approach involved in DS that they are asking their project teams to do
  • To provide space for discussion the benefits of DS for projects
  • To establish how Netskills and Infonet (Andy’s service) can make the programme sustainable.- e.g. coming up with guidance, events and resources for projects into the future
  • To open up discussion about how projects could use DS as part of their community engagement process (this is Andy’s main area of expertise).

Alex proposed a 3-4 day programme, probably spread over a number of weeks including a final showcase day.

    It’s an interesting and unexpected turn of events that makes the scope of the project slightly broader, involves more people and changes my role from an enthusiastic individual to being a team member.

    I need to think about how this changes the potential look of the dissertation.

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    1. 23/11 – This has changed somewhat. After a few discussions with Will and Andy, we’ve decided to re-evaluate this idea of out-sourcing the training. It’s for practical reasons (getting programme managers together for this sort of time commitment will be a challenge) but also, given that we have expertise in house, what sort of messages does it send out to JISC if we engage an external organisation to do this? Do we doubt our own capabilities.I think Alex’s event would be very useful and I think I’d learn a lot but at the meeting on Monday (21/11) we considered whether this was something we could offer to the people working on project support (at Netskills and Infonet).

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