Going dark

I’ve realised that it’s not going to be a good idea to have this blog as public for the time being.

It’s not that I’m likely to write anything upsetting to anyone, just that I want to have the freedom to write what I want without consciously trying to balance the needs of the, possibly quite broad range of, stakeholders in this project.

I was having an eportfolio-related discussion over Twitter at a conference last week about the whether there’s a difference between writing for reflection and writing for an audience.

My feeling is that both types are about identity-forming so it depends on what identities the writer wants to construct; one for the outward audience and one for the inward.

Some may be happy with these different identities being pretty much identical, but for the moment I’m unsure of myself and how I’m going to approach this dissertation and the work surrounding it. There are too many people with different priorities around this idea of storytelling fpr projects I don’t want to be sending out confusing messages to anyone….

…so I’m going dark and password protecting the blog.

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