Music notes

Grooving to Snarky Puppy, learning polyrhythms and trying to understand Jacob Collier.

Just some music stuff that I like right now.

Snarky Puppy

A few weeks back I took my kids to Manchester to see Snarky Puppy. They’re a large sized outfit that combines jazz, soul, funk, gospel into a glorious whole.

It was a fab gig once we finally got there; great to see some really talented people at the absolute top of their game. And it was fun to be at what was effectively a jazz gig in front of a rock audience.

This video of them doing their NPR Tiny Desk Concert was posted a few days later to give you a flavour.


I’m trying to get my head around counting polyrhythms at the moment. Basically, it’s beating or playing a certain numberof notes in one hand while fitting in a different number of notes in the other.

It’s a bit jazz.

But I’m also finding it a useful mindfulness technique and an exercise in combining body, mind and emotion (or feel).

Adam Neely explains an extreme version here but he explains the simple stuff very well too.

Jacob Collier

I really can’t decide whether I like Jacob Collier’s stuff. I can only describe it as ADHD expressed as virtuoso musicianship.

The guy is incredible and seems to be living on a different musical planet from anyone else. I find a lot of his recordings a bit over-worked so it’s difficult to get into them; I end up longing for a hook or a groove that I can get into before the next spectacular idea come along. I suspect most people will find his music unlistenble! 😉

But it’s inspiring, mind-bending stuff. I’d love to see him live which is where his stuff seems to makes most sense looking at YouTube. His recordings sound too clinical and precise to me.

He’s only in his twenties. I’ve wasted my life.

Photo by Emre Kuzu from Pexels

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