Strava: North and South of the River

This was a tough one. I wanted to go a bit further for this one, somewhere I hadn’t been before.

I’ve been working my way through a series of excellent rides created by Ted Liddle, a friend of my in-laws, in a book called Cycle Tours: Northumberland and around Newcastle (ISBN 0-540-08204-x). This one was listed as moderate/strenuous. I’d done most of the northern half, albeit in the other direction, but I haven’t really been South of the Tyne before.

I managed the Northern half OK but coming up from Wylam where the profile gets much more harsh I really felt it and almost considered calling it a day round Prudhoe. Instead I just settled into a low gear and plodded.

So, it was a bit uncomfortable in the latter stages but there are some excellent views up and down the river and the downhills were thrilling.

Next time I might start at Wylam and do the hard bit first.

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