A personal story

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One of the most important things about the role of digital storytelling is that it seeks to show the human perspective of events, making it more meaningful and accessible for an outside audience. There is a story in this case study but it hasn’t been told like a story.

I’ve struggled at times with writing up this research in that it has had to meet certain criteria for good scholarship but which has meant that I feel I haven’t fully conveyed the richness and complexity of the data I’ve collected. In other words I’m not sure how much I’ve been able to show you what it has actually been like to be Netskills employees grappling with the issues around storytelling! I’ve included the words of the interviewees but I haven’t be able to include their actual voices. I feel a bit sad about this.

Also, I’ve been on quite a journey myself in conducting this research and the format of this dissertation hasn’t allowed me to convey much of that. It’s been a story of inspiration, false starts, discovery and a changing sense of identity and purpose. It seems fitting then, given the topic, to finish with the researcher’s perspective and my own personal story.

Research Story from Chris Thomson on Vimeo.