Literature Review drafting using Evernote

Given that my deadline for this dissertation is now effectively March next year I’m having to get a wiggle on.

The literature review has been intimidating me slightly at the thought of trying to communicate what I’ve been reading so I’ve taken Richard’s suggestion of just writing anything regardless of quality (at this stage at least).

I’m using Evernote to do this as it’s available on my home and work computers as well as my mobile. I’ll also be able to use it to tag notes according to the emerging themes.

Here’s the (very) rough set of notes I’m using to structure what is likely to become the section on Narrative in the literature review.

Drefinitely work in progress.

Retaining what I’ve read has been a problem, especially with the unterruptions to the dissertation in the last 12 months. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to slot what I read into the categories I’ve set out as I go. If it looks like my initial structure isn’t going to work it should be fairly easy to rearrange things.

All in all, I’m hoping it will make the process of actually writing the finished article a lot more painless than previous pieces of work!

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